Money Saving and Other Programs

BLUECHEWBLUECHEW is a monthly subscription service for a monthly supply of generic chewable Viagra (Sildenafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil) pills delivered to your door starting at $20/month. This beats spending $90 on a single Viagra pill. BLUECHEW helps men achieve longer lasting erections or treat erectile disfunction. There is no awkward doctor visit for a prescription as the prescription is done online through a quick 1 – 5 minute chat with a doctor and the chewable pills delivered to your door. Sign up with the link on this site and get your first month free or use promo code HBUT at signup.JOIN
-Find gas stations nearby with the cheapest gas prices.
-Save up to 25¢/gal on every fill-up, everywhere, every time with GasBuddy. Never pay full price for gas again.
-Earn GasBack (FREE gas!) to redeem at the pump. Turn everyday purchases into free money for gas. Take advantage of shopping and dining deals through GasBuddy and earn GasBack to spend at the pump using your Pay with GasBuddy card.
-Unlock EXCLUSIVE DEALS of up to 25¢/gal with our FREE FOREVER gas card.
Saves 5x as much as the app and more than either a debit or gas credit card.
Fill-ups are effortlessly deducted from your linked debit card.
No credit check required. Sign up in minutes.
No bills, no hassles, and nothing to fund. Just savings.
Get the FREE Card and securely link your checking account. We’ll send your card in the mail.
The card acts as a debit card and can be used at popular stations nationwide.
Find and activate exclusive Deal Alerts in the app to save up to 25¢/gal.
Swipe your card and your discount is automatically applied. It’s that easy!
JOIN is great website for discounted wireless prepaid refills! Get your prepaid refills at a discounted price without any tax or processing fee for almost every carrier nationwide and internationally. Get your refills instantly after purchase.

Check them out!
Privacy-Privacy allows you to create multiple virtual cards so that you never have to provide merchants with your real card number. 
-You also have to ability to turn cards off and on.
-You can also create burner cards for free trial websites. The burner cards can only be charged once, that way, the free trial merchants cannot try to charge you further.
-Protect your card details and your money by creating virtual cards at each place you spend online, or for each purchase
-Create single-use cards that close themselves automatically
-Spend limits give you the final say in how much you get charged
-Close cards whenever

Start Creating Virtual Cards

-Start protecting your money online today. Our Personal plan has everything you need to get started, and because we make money from interchange paid by merchants, there’s no monthly fee.

Take Back Control of Your Payments
Privacy Cards put the control in your hands when you make a purchase online. Business or personal, one-time or subscription, now you decide who can charge your card, how much, how often, and you can close a card any time.
RaiseBuy discounted gift cards for yourself and save up to 30% or more at thousands of your favorite stores. Save more everywhere you shop. Unlock discounted and cash back gift cards, coupons, and today’s best offers with Raise. 
At Raise save alot of money, sometimes up to 50% off, discounted gift cards for stores like Walmart, Best Buy, eBay, Amazon and even highly discounted airline gift cards like Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and more! You also have the opportunity to sell some of your unused gift cards. Why buy an airline ticket at full price, when you get buy a gift card for sometimes up to 50% off the total amount of the ticket instead? 
Rakuten (eBates)Join through the link here to get $40 free! Join Rakuten with the link on this site to get $40 cash back for free on your first purchase of $40 or more at stores like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, etc!
Get paid for shopping at all your favorite stores: Sound too good to be true? Here’s the deal: Stores pay them a commission for sending you their way. They share that with you as Cash Back. Everyone wins!
Shop with Rakuten to earn Cash Back: Rakuten is the easiest way to get rewarded for shopping. Shop on or the Rakuten App, or use our free browser extension to get Cash Back on your purchases.
Install the extension, score the best deals: The Cash Back Button does more than give you
Cash Back. It finds and applies coupons and even compares prices, so you get the best deal.
They pay you via check or PayPal: Every 3 months, they’ll send your Cash Back however you choose, whether it’s a physical check or PayPal payment. The more you shop with Rakuten, the more you earn!
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