What is Walmart Merchandising Fee for tires?

In short, the Walmart merchandising fee is a tax for certain items (tires, electronics, mattresses, etc.) that require extra resources to dispose of as they can typically not be recycled or disposed of in waste facilities.

Additionally, some Walmart’s also use a merchandising fee as an incentive for customers to dispose of the product via their own disposal sites.

A prime example of this is car batteries, which Walmart charges a merchandising fee for (also known as a battery core charge) and gives customers cash back or store credit when returned.

Why Is Walmart Charging Me A Merchandising Fee For Online Orders?

Walmart will apply a merchandising fee on items that need to be transported via air, ship, and international mail.

Merchandising costs are issued by U.S Customs and Border Control covering the labor of delivery.

The fees are entirely separate from Walmart’s regular shipping fees. Therefore, both charges must be paid in full.

Source: https://querysprout.com/walmart-merchandising-fee/

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