Coinbase not syncing to Blockfolio – How to fix?

Enable Coinbase Wallet Sync on Blockfolio


New in Blockfolio, you now have the ability to automatically synchronize your Coinbase wallet(s) to your Blockfolio Portfolio(s). After enabling this feature, you’ll never need to manually enter your Coinbase transactions to your Blockfolio Portfolio(s) again. Instead, you’ll be able to freely transact in Coinbase, then simply launch or refresh your Blockfolio app to view your synced portfolio(s). If you still prefer to enter transactions manually, the auto-sync feature is easy to toggle off. To enable Coinbase auto-sync, follow the simple steps in this guide.

What you’ll need:

  • Desktop Coinbase account and credentials
  • Latest Blockfolio app
  • 10 minutes


  1. Log into your Coinbase desktop account.
  1. Click the Settings tab, then click API Access.
  1. Click +New API Key.
  1. If prompted, enter the 2-step verification code.
  1. Select all Coinbase wallet Accounts
  1. Select the following API v2 Permissions*.

           Note: Click here for more on Coinbase permissions.

  1. Click Create.
  1. If prompted, enter the 2-step verification code.
  1. Collect API Key and API Secret from display window.
  1. Launch the Blockfolio app.
  1. Swipe to your target portfolio, then tap Preferences (three dots in upper right corner).
  1. Tap Exchange Connections (second from top).
  1. Select Coinbase from list of available Exchange Connections.
  1. Where prompted, paste or enter the API KEY and API SECRET.
  1. Review sync preferences, then tap Add Connection.
  1. Select additional sync preferences as prompted.
  1. Allow time for the connection to be established.
    Note: Once the connection is established, the Establishing Exchange Connection bar will disappear.

         FAQ: Why is my connection taking longer than 10 minutes?

  1. Compare the portfolio to your Coinbase account to confirm wallets were correctly synced.

         FAQ: Will my exchange transactions auto-refresh, or will I always need to refresh manually?

If you have any troubleshooting issues or other specific questions or concerns, please reach out to Blockfolio Customer Support via Telegram or Email.  And as always, if you found this content useful, please Like, Follow, and Share us on Twitter and Facebook!


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