A guide to “District Union Arena” on legendary – The Division 2

A few days ago, I have done Distriction Union Area, with my regular crew. One thing I had realized prior to start the last run was only one of us could always remember what was in the next section of that mission. So I decided to take some notes on the ennemies we will face, since we can’t always play together.

1st part, outside of the arena: You will fight: mini tanks, drone controllers and 2-3 chungas. Their is no dogs. Their is a total of 3 waves of ennemies

2nd part, hallway A lot of healers, so keep an eyes for the healing boxes and their is 2-3 chungas.

3rd part, right after the barbwired fence. 1st wave some ads 2nd wave, grenaders and drone controllers

4th part, top of the stairs. You will fight a purple and yellow dog.

5th part, the canteen with the door that cant raise since someone broke the electrical wiring. The ads will spawn on the left side of the room. -drone controllers, 1-2 maybe 3 Chungas.

6th part, the funky bar. I hate that section since it’s really cramped, but fight in the doorway. -chunga and maybe 2 healers, try to find their boxes.

7th section, pool room. 2 waves of everything and the 2and wave got 3 chungas.

8th section, lounge area: Mostly healers, again find their box and destroy them.

9th section, the Chinese market. For the love of god, rush to the 3rd floor and fight from there. You will fight some mini tank grenadiers, chungas and I think their is some drone controllers.

10th section, 1st part of the garage. Few ads, easy to clear from the entrance of the room.

11th section, 2nd garage. Cheese that part as much as you can by shooting trough the 3rd window of the office. -healers, mini tank, drone controller.

12th section, the lab. Don’t die here, since it’s the last section before the boss. 1st wave you will fight ads and 3-4 dogs. 2nd wave you will face some rushers. 3rd wave will be 2-3 chungas Fight from the back of the room and dont go in the lab and it should be it.

13th section: The boss. It’s the only part where you will have a checkpoint, so dont be scare to restart it a few times. Their will be 3 waves of everythings (except Chungas and dogs). The boss will be in the 3rd wave. To kill him, destroy his backpack then shoot him in the face or the a$$. Dont stay to close of him, otherwise he will use is one man punch and it will result in an insta kill.

And dont forget that it might not be accurate at a 100% since those notes are from the perspective of the healer aka I dont check the battlefield and keep my boiiiiiis alive.

May the luck be with you.

TL;DR 1-Kill ennemies 2-L00t the bodies 3-The End

Edit: The lab, 12th section, needed to be corrected. Their is 3 waves, not 2.

Edit2: I forgot the room in between part 4 and 5. Its a long room. Hold your ground around the bar. Their is 2-3 waves. You will face drones, dogs and ads.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/g8qzyx/a_guide_to_district_union_arena_on_legendary/

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